Denton Wolf Reveal and the Vermont Bigfoot Photo

June 19, 2018

In this episode I talk about the breaking news out of Montana. The DNA results of the "wolf like" creature that was killed has been released. I also go on a rant regarding the controversial Vermont Trail Camera Photo. 

Some say it depicts a mother bigfoot (suffering from Vitiligo) picking up an apple, others believe there is a much more likely explanation. 


The End of Finding Bigfoot

May 29, 2018

I discuss the recently aired series finale of Finding Bigfoot. 


Fortean Outlaw Explores Boggy Creek

April 24, 2018

I give live commentary and retrospects on my recent trip to Fouke Arkansas. You know, Fouke is a nice place to visit...until the sun goes down. 


Redneck Sea Creatures and The Flatwoods Monster

March 27, 2018

I tackle a recent viral video of a strange creature that washed up on a beach in Georgia. I also give a review of the newest movie from Small Town Monsters The Flatwoods Monster: A Legacy of Fear. 


Iliamna Lake Monster

March 11, 2018

Can't talk about Alaska cryptids without bringing the infamous creature of Lake Iliamna into the conversation. 


Caveat Emptor

March 5, 2018

A brutally honest look at premium content podcasts, Fortean TV shows and the celebrated Fortean author who is using dead school kids to sell books. 


Book Review: Abair Road The True Story

February 25, 2018

Back from Vegas and on the mend, I give a review of the book from Abair Road witness Brian Gosselin. 


Dogmen and Marketing

February 2, 2018

A recent "dogman" photo that has been making the rounds is discussed. 


Discovering Bigfoot Review

January 15, 2018

I have a special guest in the studio with me to help me review the Discovering Bigfoot "documentary" that is currently making the rounds. 


Movies, Magazines and The High Cost of Shipping

December 29, 2017

Post Christmas ramblings. I talk about the (secret) bigfoot movie Pottersville and I also review/talk about Cryptid Culture Magazine and it's contents including Alaska's own Rob Menzies.